A Communications Technology Megatrend

Messaging platforms, and progress toward AI promise to simplify and reinvent conversational experiences. The Internet of Things disrupts the notion of being "off-line" as we enter the age of ubiquitous computing. Software like chatbots transcend operating systems, messaging platforms, apps, websites. The most transformative chatbots will compliment our cognitive skills drive, learn, work out, shop and work by negotiating sensory networks formed by the internet of things without being beholden to the tyranny of the screen.

As we emerge from the darkness of being off-line, a natural beauty that has already blossomed is revealing itself.

Three Disciplines

  • Internet of Things

    Wearables, hearables, ridables, drivables found in smart homes, buildings and cities are the raising expectations of how we experience objects and interactions. "Why would I ever wear a hat, t-shirt and socks that don't work together to recharge my wireless headphones?"

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Passing the Turing test is a sufficient but not necessary condition. Progress toward artificial intelligence has yielded benefits we can use today to augment our decision making faculties. The democratization of techniques and algorithms turn big data problems into deep data solutions.

  • Messaging

    Now that you have a mesh of connected devices that behave intelligently on your behalf. Scaling to distribution that maximizes social impact used to take months with app store and search engine optimization / marketing. Messaging platforms are becoming the ultimate social channel the way Virtual Reality will be the final medium.

Social Currency

Quantifying value exchanges of social contracts often taints the transaction
unless your stated goal is Return on Human Investment.

  • 23Bn IoT Devices
  • 80Tn Messages Per Day
  • $310M AI Startup Funds
  • $2TnIndustry by 2020

Powerful creative can succeed in changing behaviors of individuals, groups or society without real time measurement. Quantifiable predictive and descriptive data begets prescriptive data, which introduces the dynamism relevant engagement we deserve. The most effective programmatic marketers have embraced this to deliver the right message, to the right person, in the right place because optimization goals can have greater confidence in addressing causality rather than correlation alone. Axieve has integrated the capability to target both inferred and deduced state of mind signals in real time available for bidding in compliant exchanges and platforms. Find out which activities pay off by quantifying engagement instead of by proxy of a view.

Causal Signals

Curated partnerships with Instant Messaging platforms, app developers, hardware and sensor manufacturers fuels by Cognitive and Affective computing algorithms to detect and estimate our state of mind. Whether the objective is to generate intent or identify behavior, new methodologies are deployed via integrations to scale winning activities by targeting near real time, impression level categories from a taxonomy that used to be only available to neuroscientists in controlled, ‘wet lab’ environments and controlled conditions. 1st and 3rd party data: audience measurement, behavioral targeting, cloud computing, campaign management, content management, sCRM, eCommerce, tag management, email marketing, search marketing, conversion analytics, a-b testing, lead generation, user experience can be seen through the lens of quantified human emotion.


Axieve collaborated with Affectio Inc. to incubate a Most Lovable Project that demonstrates value by combining the three disciplines of Messaging platforms, Artificial Intelligence and IoT. A Minimal Viable Product as a Facebook Messenger app was showcased at CES 2016, only a week after launching on Apple App store and Google Play store with native Apple Watch and Android Wear extensions.

The Stack

AWS Lambda & Machine Learning Google Vision Facebook Messenger
Twitter Mopub Yahoo Flurry IBM Watson
Idibon kik (Botshop) Clarif.ai
Affectiva IAB MMA